Saturday, 27 June 2015

Basic Example of Share Market Tips for Beginners by Nisha Dubey

Many of peoples ask me when they don't no about Stock actually Stock is an investment that the peoples pay to a company and they believe that the company will make money. It's a kind of advance or loan, expect that payback isn't guaranteed. A bundle of peoples give a company cash, and they payback those peoples known as investors get a certain amount of shares of stock. The company offers these share of stocks a certain cost, and they payback more cash you pay, the more share you purchase. The Cycle is repeat and it is based on international market also.
Share Market Basics

For example, if the price of Reliance stock is rs 10, then you can get 3 shares for rs 30. When you write Reliance a check for rs 30, they give you 3 shares of stock.

Then after What can you do for that share?
Many of peoples buy or want to sell the stock more then they brought them for, so they hold that share to earn profit or earn cash. Then if the share price goes up to rs 15 then you can sell out your three shares. Therefore you spend rs 30 and finally you got rs 45.
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By Nisha Dubey

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